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Popular BMX Games

While it's true that not every BMX game will blow you away, BMX is certainly a fun genre with some great games. Some of the most popular ones include King of Dirt and Touchgrind BMX. These two have one thing in common: they are compatible with Android devices. The next section digs deep to divulge a few facts about these games.

King of Dirt

This is a relatively popular mobile game with an array of character customization, great graphics, and decent controls. Players can enjoy first person view, a competition element, several different maps to play on, and at least 20 tricks to apply. Even though the controls may feel clunky at times and there are a few compatibility issues and occasional freeze bugs, every other feature of King of Dirt is above average.

Touchgrind BMX

This is perhaps the most popular BMX game available on Google Play. Its mechanics share a resemblance to those of great games like True Skate. The player controls the bike with their fingers, whether in mid-air or on the ground. To execute tricks, the player is required to drag, flick, or swipe. Touchgrind BMX also contains an array of unlockable bikes. The replay feature is one thing that makes this game a real thriller, as players are able to watch every detail of their excellent runs. Although the controls may feel a little clunky sometimes, they work fine overall, and the graphics are not bad either. With all these fascinating features, there is no reason not to give Touchgrind BMX a whirl.

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