Title: Monster Truck Survival

Description:A new form of arena game is here: the monster truck survival! See in case you are skilled enough to win the championship of this wonderful game! You start off using a slower car or truck, but you get to get improved cars for those who collect adequate money. Every single automobile includes a distinctive mass, speed, acceleration and shield. You could also upgrade the car which you currently have and repair it amongst levels. It is possible to also acquire some unique upgrades that will repair your vehicle over time, attract nearby power ups, improves your armor, turbo or mines. Use your arrow keys to drive your automobile, your x key to activate turbo plus the z essential to drop mines. You will need to destroy the monster trucks of one's opponents ahead of they destroy yours. There are a great deal of great power ups that you could pick up and can assist you to in the game, like giving you extra money, slowing down your opponents and even get a double damage power. You may see your overall health bar in the bottom proper corner on the screen along with the well being bar of the opponents above their trucks. The round ends when there is certainly only a single survivor. Enjoy!

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Monster Truck Survival