Title: Stickman Freeride

Description:Take a ride in this cool BMX bike game named Stickman Freeride. You play the role of a Stickman and you have to drive your mountain bike and complete achievements. Ride through the woods and take the top of the hill. Try to finish different tracks as quickly as you can. You can choose your course on the map at the right of the screen. Gain a bronze, silver or gold metal. Try to gain as higher place as you can, and earn as much money as possible. With the earned money you can upgrade your tires, frame and brakes. Use the up arrow key to accelerate, down arrow key to break, left and right arrow keys to lean. Use the space bar key to break. Make back flips or front flips to gain adrenaline. Good luck crazy Stickman!

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Stickman Freeride