Title: Stick Man Stunts

Description:Stick Man Stunts is totally cool and exciting free online BMX game. I guess you have played with stickman as an assassin, but he also knows how to ride a bike. Now get ready, it is Stickmen time for some crazy stunts. Pedal stickmanís bike constantly and try to perform various tricks and stunts while avoiding the obstacles and collecting stars. Help the Stick Man drive his bike and hit all the jumps you can without crashing. Collect items and pull off tail whips and other stunts for more points. Do all the tricks you can with the bike pedaling to picking up speed for the jumps better. Get also stars and jump the obstacles. Try to get as many points as you can. Use the space bar key to pedal, use the up arrow key to jump and to perform crazy tricks. Try to pass the level so you can unlock the next level. Try to unlock all the levels in this game. Have fun, playing this awesome free online BMX game!

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Stick Man Stunts