Title: Stunt Biker

Description:Stunt Biker is another really awesome free online dirt bike game. In this cool game first you have to go pass the biking school and even then you can take stunt bike audition. Try to prepare yourself very well in order to become the greatest stunt biker. Instructions for how to play the game: use the up arrow key to accelerate, use the left arrow key to tilt up, use the right arrow key to tilt down, use the down arrow key to reverse, use the CTRL key to break, use the space bar key to jump as high as you can, use the R key to restart the game, press the S key to toggle sound on or off, use the P key to pause the game and press the Q key to exit to the main menu. In this fun and exciting game you play the role of a stunt bike and you have to travel but you have to pass all the obstacles along your way. Get on your dirt bike and perform action packed stunts for the film studio. The game has 10 stunt stages that you have to complete if you want to win the game. Good luck, stunt biker!

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Stunt Biker