Title: Ben 10 BMX Stunt 2

Description:Ben 10 BMX Stunt 2 is a second part of the well known fun BMX game. This game is cool and free and it is very easy to find and play it. In this terrific game you have to play the role of the well known hero Ben 10. You have to get on your BMX start riding and try to perform crazy tricks and stunts. The more crazy flips and mad stunts you do the the more points you will earn. At the beginning of the game you can choose one of the two game modes: championship or time attack. If you choose the first mode championship you have to earn at least 500 points in order to pass the level and go to the next level. If you choose the second mode you have to pass the whole level within limited time of 1 minute and try to earn as much points as possible. This mode has totally 7 levels to play. How to play this game: use the up and down arrow keys to move, use the left and right arrow keys to balance your BMX, use enter or space bar key to change the direction of your BMX and use the numbers from 1 to 8 in order to perform crazy tricks and cool stunts. Ride your BMX and do your best in order to win in this fun and cool BMX game. Have a lot of fun every time when you have a free time!

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Ben 10 BMX Stunt 2