Title: Bart Boarding

Description:Bart Boarding is very fun Simpsons skateboarding game. This game will be your favorite if you like the Simpsons. Bart Simpson is out on his skateboard showing the streets of Springfield what he is made of. He is collecting snacks on his way. You have to help Bart Simpson to ride on the streets of Springfield on his skateboard. You have to collect all of the snacks around the town in the given time. Collect as many snacks as possible for a higher score. Try to earn as much score as you can to prove that you are the best. Be careful and watch out for the people or objects that get in your way. See how fast you can race through the Springfield streets. To play this game use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control Bart Simpson movement. Play this fantastic free online skateboarding game and have a lot of fun!

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Bart Boarding