Title: Bugs Bunny Biking

Description:Bugs Bunny Biking is very fun and addictive free online bike game. Whats Up Doc. Here you have the opportunity to play the role of this cute cartoon hero Buds Bunny. You are out on a Looney adventure. You are out on your bike and you have to cross the hills of Looney Toons World. On your way try to collect as many carrots as you can and get to the finish line as fast as you can. For every carrot you earn 50 points. Try to make it through the looney tunes adventure. Use your biking skills to get to the finish line. Try to move faster, as well as to collect carrots on your path. To play this game use the arrow keys to balance left and right and ride your bike. Try not to fall or the game will be over. Play this fun bike game and have a lot of fun and joy!

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Bugs Bunny Biking