Title: Skate Park

Description:Skate Park is the right game for you if you like skate boarding games. In this totally fun game you are going to a skating match. You have to do some big tricks in Skate Park game. Skate, gain speed and perform a trick without crashing the landing to pass the level. You can choose the skater before start playing the game. You can choose between two boys: Trixie and Jake. To play this game you have to press and hold the space bar key to gain launch speed, release spacebar to start launch, use the arrow keys to perform cool tricks while you are in the air. The audiences behind you is counting on you. Try to score bonus points when you catch mad air. If you complete all tricks in one round you will get the dragon combo. If you finish it, you can get to the next round. Use your skateboard to perform cool tricks in in this exciting free online skate boarding game. Learn how to play and start playing the game. Have a lot of fun in your spare time!

Rating: 5.00 [Rate]

Skate Park