Title: Scooby Doo Beach BMX

Description:Welcome to Scooby Doo Beach BMX game. This game has as main character Scooby Doo, and your role is to help the Scooby Doo ride a bike and collect as many points at each level. In this exciting and addictive game you can show off your moves, perform crazy tricks and cool stunts like front flip and back flip. Try to unlock new levels and achievements. This game has totally 10 levels to play. How to play the game: use the arrow keys to move with your BMX, use the number keys from 1 to 3 to make crazy stunts, use the 1 key for super man stunt, use the 2 key for tail whip stunt, use the number 3 for cliff hanger stunt. Use your motorcycle driving skills to earn as much points as you can. Try to be very fast because your time is limited. Enjoy playing this terrific online free BMX game!

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Scooby Doo Beach BMX